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EasyBoot is a professional app that allows you to create bootable CDs and DVDs
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Operating systems are usually installed by means of bootable discs. Commonly, this means you will need a disc for each installer. Now, let us suppose you perform frequent installations of different operating systems, would it not be a lot easier if you could have various installers on the same disc?
EasyBoot is intended to help you create bootable discs containing more than one operating system installer. The idea is to create a menu from which the user may select which system to install. This would greatly facilitate the installation process by making a bootable DVD or CD from which you can install, for instance, two different Windows versions.
This program’s user interface is made up of two windows. In this regard, there will be a preview screen where you will be able to see how the menu will look. The contents of this screen will be automatically updated every time you make changes in another window, where the entire configuration is carried out. In this second window, you will find settings that will allow you to create really customized menus. However, I was expecting that somewhere in this window there would be some kind of control to specify the location of the installers. The problem is that not all the necessary operations are available through this interface as you will need to do some extra copy-and-paste work with the necessary installation files.
As for me, an easy-to-use application is the one that will let you perform basic actions without consulting any help whatsoever, just by letting the logic of the interface and your previous experience guide you. Definitely, EasyBoot is not addressed for the common user but for advanced users and IT specialists, which means that it not easy to use. In fact, it may turn out too difficult to use if it were not for the help documentation, which is rather explicit. However, using this program will always be much simpler than creating the disc manually.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has proper help documentation
  • It helps create discs containing more than one system installer
  • It allows to preview the results


  • It is difficult to use
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